Cindy Cardiff and Michael Kanka both had successful photography businesses.  In 2009 they decided to work together and merged their businesses to form Double Shutter Images. This enabled them to offer a full portfolio of professional photography and high-end digital image services as well as a team of photographers to more extensively cover events and projects. The partnership flourished and they celebrated 10 years of business together. Michael then retired to do more relaxing and travelling with his wife, Monika.

Cindy now continues Double Shutter Images on her own. In line with the philosophy that every photo tells a story, she takes the time to connect with people  and that is reflected in her photographs. She focuses on creating images with visual impact to enhance marketing, capturing special moments at events, and portraying relationships.

Cindy Cardiff  is passionate about photography and the stories each photograph tells. She specializes in event and lifestyle photography, capturing the relationships between people and their surroundings. She is a strong supporter of local businesses and her photographic style helps businesses tell their stories. Community is important to Cindy and she frequently puts time and energy into community events and fundraisers.  She carries the relationships formed into her business, often collaborating with other people in the community. She has a Professional Photography Certificate from the New York Institute of Photography and a Bachelor of Science specializing in Psychology from the University of Alberta. This combination of education plus her years of experience is demonstrated in how she interacts with others and the photographs she creates. It was a natural progression to take the success of her original business, Trek Photography, and team up with Michael Kanka and his technical expertise in photography to create the thriving partnership of Double Shutter Images. She now continues the business on her own, offering a unique style where her photographs tell stories and show relationships between people and their environments.

Michael Kanka  remembers buying his first camera, a Minolta, when he turned sixteen, back in Munich, Germany. The camera is still around and occasionally used for some black and white work. Photography became a passion back then and was always a part of his professional life beside his second passion, software development. As designer and developer for online marketplaces and product configuration tools, professional studio photography was always part of the trade. After moving to Canada in 2003 with his wife Monika, and inspired by the endless opportunities to create stunning images in combining nature and wildlife with the people enjoying it, as well as technically challenging studio and architectural work, a new chapter of life was opened. Setting up a fully equipped photo studio in Squamish was just the next step. Combining his profound knowledge in professional photography and digital processing with the skilful image creation and local social connections provided by Cindy Cardiff made the partnership of Double Shutter Images a logical consequence. Although he is now retired, don’t be surprised to see him at some of the bigger photo shoots for Double Shutter Images.