A Focus on Creative and Intentional Photography

Happy New Year!

I love a new year! I love starting with a fresh planner and wiping clean my erasable wall calendar. I love reviewing how my previous year was and making all the plans for the new one.

It’s a time to celebrate successes. It’s a time to change things that aren’t working. It’s a time to dream about the future.

Lots has happened in the past year. Some of it very challenging. Some of it providing new opportunities. It resulted a lot of changes around the world and in our individual lives.

I find that I am taking more time to read and to learn. I just tuned into a Live with Brendon Burchard, Mel Robbins, Jenna Kutcher, and many others. My big take aways were:

  • Every experience connects you with someone, teaches a lesson, or gives you a skill
  • Your life is not determined by chance but by choice
  • Fiercely protect your time
  • Don’t just do more, do more of the right things
  • Have a strong morning routine before you start work
  • Plan 5 major moves a month, write out the steps to accomplish each of the, and schedule those steps right into your calendar

I will keep those in mind as I create my plan for the year and for the first few months. I thought I would start with a fresh look to my website. It reflects the streamlining of my business, the maturity of being an established business, and the willingness to change with the times.

This year I will concentrate more on Photo Treks – connecting with people one on one, sharing some of the skills I’ve learned as a professional photographer, and just having more fun. I will spend less time running around being at all the events and capturing thousands and thousands of photos. I will slow down and focus on more creative and intentional photography. You’ll see more photos being shared on Instagram and Facebook for more people to enjoy. Please follow me on both those platforms so that my photos show up in your feed.

I’m sometimes asked if I still enjoy photography as a business now that it’s not just a hobby. I emphatically respond “yes!” Find something you have a passion for and the lines blur between when you are working and when you are playing – it all becomes something you enjoy. Happy New Year!