Celebrating 10 Years of Business

Double Shutter Images was created in 2009 as a partnership between Cindy Cardiff and Michael Kanka. We merged our individual photography businesses and as a team covered many events and projects in the Sea to Sky Corridor. Our partnership flourished and our friendship grew to include our families and friends. This year Double Shutter Images celebrates its 10th year of business. We celebrate taking thousands of photos at our photo booths, photographing large and small races, taking photos for Sea to Sky businesses, creating and organizing community events, and capturing many special moments at events, weddings, and with family portraits. We’ve won several awards and had many images published in newspapers and magazines. It has been a very fun and successful 10 years.

We made many changes to our business over the years to keep up with technology, economics, and a growing community. This year is the biggest change yet, as Michael is retiring. He has plans to do more relaxing and travelling with his wife Monika. Michael and I come with very different skill sets which is what made our partnership so special. I learned a lot from him as his technical expertise is extraordinary and I will be forever grateful to have worked alongside him. I also thank Monika for being a huge part of our business, enabling us to cover large races and busy photo booths and for being an integral part of 10 fun years.  We will continue to see them around the community and might even see them coming back to help with some of the bigger photography projects. I will continue to see them on a more social level as we have established life long friendships. I wish Michael and Monika many happy new adventures.

So, it’s a new year and a new chapter for Double Shutter Images. Business will continue as usual as I take over the tasks that were shared between us. It’s a good time for reflection on the things that worked well and were most enjoyable as well as the things that were a lot of work for little return. Changes are inevitable, but I strongly believe change is good. I’m looking forward to taking many more photos in the next 10 years. Happy New Year to everyone!